In the kitchen of Shellco NYC Bakery you’ll find Ravenna Wilson, intrepid pastry chef. In the delivery truck you’ll see Alvin Blanco, also completely fearless and somewhat crazy. These two took over Shellco NYC Bakery from its founder Elinor Ilin in the summer of 2008. Elinor began making pastry shells with her mentor, the late, legendary Fran Jacob- a talented chef and exceptional person. Fran Jacob began making pastry shells over 30 years ago in New York City.
Continuing the tradition of excellence, Shellco presents a unique line of handmade, bite-size pastries with a simple mission: to make the chef’s life easier. We take care of the difficult, labor- intensive production of fine pastries. We not only provide beautiful and delicious products, we give valuable time back to our clients, so they can concentrate on the many other aspects of a catered event.